Tips For an Interview

By:Savannah Vickery

Job Interviews: Good & Bad
The bad interview: The first thing that she basically did wrong was ask how much she would be making if she werwe to get the job. She was not dressed appropriatly for the interview, she left her phone on ringer and answered it when someone was calling her, she was rude to thye interviewer, and she also did'nt answer the questions that were asked appropriately

The good interview: He was dressed appropriately for the interview, was very well mannered, fit the needs for the job, answered the questions with relavant answers, had a well evenly toned voive, and also left the interview thanking the interviewer and shaking her hand.

The guy will mos likely get the job over the girl because he fit the needs and wants for a good interview and seemed more dedicated for the job than the girl.

A Teacher

The role of a teacher is to provide education to all studens. The role of a teacher varies due to culture. Teachers provide guidence and instruct all students. Assign homework to students that way they are not only learning at home but, at school. Some teachers also provide one on one time with students that are not understanding whatever it is that the teacher is trying to teach.

The qualifications of becoming a teacher are: A four year undergraduate teacher eduaction degree, a double degree program which is where you take two classes at the same time, and an academic degree followed by a one to two year postgraduate teacher education course