The War of 1812

America and Britain's fault

Britain's fault

Britain barricades US ports

British used their ships and all their men to block the ports so US can’t get out for trade. To America this was an act of war and it had to stop. Britain wanted war and this act of not letting trade through would make America want war too.

Britain shoots at and boards the U.S.S. Chesapeake

Britain loads up and fires at the U.S.S. Chesapeake. The ship was destroyed but luckily most of the men survived. To America this was an act of war, and America felt threatened by it. Britain captured about six men and America was furious over it.

America's fault

Madison votes for war

During James Madison’s campaign for president he announced to America that we should go to war with Britain. Madison felt confident enough that we could win the war. Britain felt threatened by the announcement and was ready to fight.

Thomas Jefferson cuts trade with Britain

Thomas Jefferson cuts trade with Britain to stop all the attacks on American ships. Britain didn’t like Jefferson opinion because they could no longer get American goods. With the cut in trade fewer ships were attacked and more Americans lived.