Big Island Rendevouz

By. Isabel Johnson-Perez

Big Island Rendevouz

Big Island Rendezvous was awesome ,says Hailey Wright, one of my friends in school! When I went to Big Island Rendezvous…….

I woke up excited for Big Island Rendezvous I rushed to get ready. Last night I had picked out what I was going to wear. I wore a long blue sleeved shirt, and jacket over that, a vest over that, and blue leggings that looked like jeans. Boy did I not pick the right shoes to wear! My feet were freezing the whole trip! I wore purple and gray tenni shoes. I should have worn my Uggs. I was also excited about my mom coming to the event! Yesterday I also thought about what I was having for lunch. We figured out that I was going to have Raisins, yogurt, Subway sandwich, and chocolate milk. So after I got ready I got on the bus. Degen, Lucas, meghan, and Caden were already out there. When I got to school I visited with my friends. I told Mr. Puttmann that my mom and papa were still waiting in the parking lot. When we were ready he asked us to line up. Then I suddenly got the butterflies! We loaded up the buses. I ended up sitting with Jada. She was a new kid in

school. She’s cool though. When we got there I couldn't see mom or papa anywhere!

The first station was a girl telling a civil war story. By the time we were in the middle of the station mom comes. I didn’t see papa, but I bet he was wandering around somewhere. The next station was about a dude who was telling us what some tools or weapons did. My favorite one was the tool what he catches fish with. It looked interesting!

The next station was with a house that we had to take apart, then put it back together. It was fun but not the funnest! The guy who did that was strict. BUT…. he was funny!! Then we went to the lunch area. When I went to traders row I got the prettiest fan!

The next station was carving wood! I did drilling holes and shaving wood. I didn’t do the knife making because there was a long line and everyone was hogging it! I bet everyone got to do it except me!

Next station was THROWING TOMAHAWKS!!! At first I thought it wasn’t gonna be that fun. So I said mom I don’t want to do it, but then my friend Jack stepped in and said you should do it , it will be fun. My mom thought it was sweet! Then when I threw it I got nervous and I didn’t make it I felt sad.

But after that Mr. Puttmann said you can walk around and look at stuff for 45 mins. if we want to made it back to the bus for a shuttle back to our car. While we had that 45 mins. we looked at this field doctor and it was cool! There was a knife that you cut off fingers off with. I was impressed. You would think it was cool I bet. I liked going through this person's Tee - Pee it was cool. I saw a pretty dog in there! Then it was about time to leave for the buses. We loaded the buses again! Then I got to the car and started to drive home! I loved the Big Island Rendezvous it was a very fun trip!