Internet Safety

By: Noah Larscheid


While the internet can be very useful, it can be very dangerous too. This article is written for your use and for your safety. Please read this article carefully, as it might just save you internet reputation!


1. The FBI says reports of predators communicating with young people online have increased more than 6,000 percent since 1996.

2. Half of teens (13-18) post personal information about themselves online.

3. One-third of girls (13-18) have talked about sex online with someone they've never met in person.

4. One in eight online teens has discovered an adult posing as much younger.

5. Nearly one-third of teens have talked online about meeting in person with someone they know only from the Internet.

Prevention Tips

1. If you are on any Social Media type website, make sure that all of your profile information is set to private.

2. Make sure you keep your passwords only to yourself and your parents if needed.

3. Never respond to someone that has made you uncomfortable or scared.

4. Notify a person of a higher position than you if someone is making you feel uncomfortable

5. Remember that some people may seem to be younger than there appear to be.

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