MJS Kinder Press

September 21 - 25, 2015

Newsletter No. 2

Dear parents:

Thank you for joining us for the Kindergarten Back to School Night held last week. We had a tremendous turnout of families who attended our event and we hope your questions were answered during this informative session. If you missed the chance to sign up for field trips, library reading opportunities, Friday rotations, or helping out with this year's (November 2015) Book Fair event, please feel free to contact your room parent to sign up for events held throughout the year.

Room Parent for Ms. Heupler - Krista Charvat (Allie's mom)
Room Parent for Ms. Hale - Julie Soma (Lola Pena's mom)
Room Parent for Mrs. Agundez - Richelle Huizar (Aviana's mom)

August and September Birthdays

Jake Ueno - Mrs. Agundez's class -08/05
Carolina Butler - Mrs. Agundez's class - 08/09
Jack Lucas - Mrs. Heupler's class - 08/24

Katie Hoffman - Mrs. Heupler's class - 09/02
Charlie Cloud - Mrs. Hale's class - 09/03

Milk and Juice Program

Mayfield Junior School offers a milk and juice program at a cost of $50.00 per student per year. Parents can sign up for this program HERE through September 30th.

Some students have signed up for the milk and juice program and the other children have expressed interest in signing up for this program as well. Please take the opportunity to order milk or juice for your child with our easy sign-up program found online!

Kindergarten Rotations

We will begin rotations this week in Kindergarten. Rotations are traditionally scheduled for Friday mornings for all three classrooms and we usually have three parents per class signed up as parent helpers. On occasion, a weekly rotation may occur on a Thursday if we are working on a special event for a Friday.

We ask our parent helpers to arrive at school at approximately 9:15 a.m. to help with set up of the classroom rotation station. We begin rotations close to the 10 o'clock hour and the three rotations wrap up at 11:50 a.m. with clean-up duty handled by our parent helpers.

SAVE THE DATE! Upcoming Events

Friday, September 25th - Mass of the Holy Spirit/Student Council Installation @ 1:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 27th - Family Welcome Mass - 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. - Gym

Wednesday, September 30th - Picture Day

Kinder Curriculum-

Last week was a busy one for our kindergartners! We introduced several themes in our curriculum and continued working on classroom routines with the students.

Language Arts - The children have been introduced to the second character of the SUPERKIDS reading program. The character is called Oswald and he loves odd animals! Last Friday, each class had a chance to make octopus hot dogs as part of our study of animals Oswald likes. Some of the animals we discovered included an ostrich, an ox and an ocelot!

Math - We are exploring math vocabulary centered around the topic of more/less and the same. We have also learned our numbers 1-5 and spent the week practicing writing those numbers during the week.

Guidance - Kindergartners met with Dr. Pannell who is a doctor of feelings. Dr. Pannell will meet with kindergartners on a regular basis throughout the year. As part of Dr. Pannell's introductory lesson, students shared feelings they have heard about with Dr. Pannell and drew pictures of different kinds of feelings.

Religion - The students learned about God as a Creator and each class was introduced to the concept of how God created the world with the first man and first woman through the telling of the story about Adam and Eve.

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Mrs. Hale's students meet Dr. Pannell, the "Feeling Doctor"!