Tommy Hilfiger

And their sweatshops


The majority of their sweatshops are located In Saipan.

These sweatshops create clothing for the company Tommy Hilfiger.


The conditions are pretty bad. One incident involved a fire that started in one of the sweatshops. The doors were mostly chained or blocked so a lot of people were killed.

The workers don't make very much money, around 25 American dollars.

Tommy Hilfiger Accusations

Tommy Hilfiger did not respond to the sweatshop accusations.

The company was founded in upstate New York.


  • What is the name of the company?

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution had a large affect on the way that companies work today.

its given us different laws to protect children and other people.


alternatives to sweatshops

We could bring the sweatshops here and make them safer and better for the people that work there