A Class On Collaborative Teaching!

All you need to know to become a great collaborative teacher

What is Collaborative Teaching?

When teachers plan, teach, and interact together, sharing different knowledge and skills. They do this to achieve a common goal of meeting the needs of a diverse group of students in a coordinated fashion.

The Benefits of Collaborative Teaching!

  • Able to reach more of the diverse learning styles of the students, enabling them to achieve at a higher level

  • Smaller teacher to student ratio, giving students the attention they need to succeed

  • Shows students the model of collaboration and working together to work towards a common goal

  • Responsibilities in leadership and teaching are shared to ensure that all students' needs are met

What Will You Learn?

What makes Collaborative Teaching Work?

It works best when:

  • Teachers agree to work together and work through differences

  • Teachers recognize that the classroom is theirs together versus an individual teacher and an assistant teacher

  • Teachers treat each other with respect and as professionals

  • Teachers will be willing to learn from each other

We Hope You Take, Enjoy, and Learn from our Class!