Dutch Royal Navy

Daily used communication tools

Speak - Listen - Write - Read

The Navy uses the normal communication tools to operate their systems everyday. They need to speak to each other. they do this with a radio and phone. these phones hang in the ships on all decks and all levels.
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Nato Alfabet

The navy uses the nato alfabet, this alfabet is known in every military that is in the VN. because of the different languages they speak all over de world they invented the NATO alfabet so they can communicate with each other.

Light Signals

when normal communication is down the navy uses light to communicate. they also use it to communicate with light towers in ports and harbors. it can only be used to send simple messages. there are books with all the codes and what the combination codes means.
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Hand signals

They use hand signals when talking is not possible. for example when there is fire and talking is not easy. these hand signals are easy and can tell if you have to stop or move for example.