Physical Therapist

By: Megan Faber

Job Description

A Physical Therapist is a person who provises services that help people improve there mobility, releve pain, prevent and limit perment physical disabilites of recovering from an injuries.

Working Conditions

For a Physical Therapist the working conditions are they pracitce hospitals, clinics, and pricate offices. They treat patient in hospital rooms, homes, or schools. This job have have very heavy equipment and it can demage your back from lifting the stuff. Also it can be physically damanding because therapists often have to knee, crouch, bend, and stand for long periods of time.

Earings & Education

For being a Physical therapist the education you need to have. To become a physical therapist it could take a long time. You must first have a bachelor's degree to start. Your next two to three years would be spent earning either a master's or doctorate of physical therapy, according to the BLS. Your coursework will also include specialized courses such as biomechanics, human growth and development.The amount you get per hour is about $39.00 , this equates to be about $80,000 per year.

Likes & Dislikes

A like about this job is a lot people like is that you get to help a lot of people get better and healthier. They get to have an impact in there life to get the stronger and bigger. But something people don't like so much is that they could hurt them selfs by lifting heavy equipment and hurting their back by doing so.
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