State Facts

flordia,california,new york



Nickname:The sunshine state

Date of statehood:March 3,1845

State flower:Orange Blossom

State bird:Northern Mockingbird

State tree:Cabbage Palmetto

3 interesting facts:Florida means "feast o f flowers" in spanish. There are over 30,000 lakes and 1,000 gulf courses located in Florida. Haines city is known as "the heart of Florida."

3 tourist attractions:Universal Orlando Resort,Walt Disney World,and the South Beach.



Nickname:The Golden State

Date of statehood:September 9,1850

State flower:Eschscholzia California

State bird:California Quail

State tree:Sequoia

3 interesting facts:California farms the maximum number of turkeys than any other American state. Mount Whitney,in California,is the tallest peak in the state. The alitude of the peak is 14,494 feet.

3 tourist attractions:Sea World San Diego,Venice Beach,and Disneyland.

New York


Nickname:The Empire State

Date of statehood:July 26,1788

State flower:Rose

State bird:Eastern Bluebird

State tree:Acer Saccharum

3 interesting facts:New York was briefly the U.S capital (1789-1790). There are 6,347.6 miles of streets in New York. The New York subway system is the largest mass transit in the world.

3 tourist attractions:Grand Central Terminal,Times Square,and the Brooklyn Bridge.

By: Kaylyn Green