by: Millie Saunders

What is this drug?

Ketamine is known as a "dissociative anesthetic," ketamine can be used in cocaine-like powder sometimes the powder can also look chunky. Or there is a liquid form which is usually used in anesthetic for the sedation of animals. The drug Ketamine was placed on the list of controlled substances in the US in 1999.

How is this drug taken into the body?

So as i have said previously Ketamine most likely form they come in is liquid, tablet or powder form. This drug can be taken into the body by it being snorted up the nose, placed in a alcoholic beverage or even could be smoked in combination with marijuana.

Street and slang names for Ketamine

Super c, Special K, Jet, K, Super acid, Cat valium, Green, Cat tranquilizer, KitKat, and Ket

How does the drug effect the body short term and long term?

Some effects of using this drug can be problematic. In a medical setting you are likely to be monitored, these symptoms are less of a concern to the people with the medical use of it. However without medical support it can be dangerous. Infusions of ketamine experience these short term effects


2. altered body image


4.vomiting and nausea

5.altered hearing



8.double vision



long term effects are

1. blood in urine


3. decreased bladder volume

4.over activity in the muscle

Signs of abuse of this drug

signs of abuse are


2. mood changes

3.slowed breathing


5.memory impairment

Ketamine dependence

Ketamine dependence involves cravings of the drug when it is not in the system. Many people who use the drug continue to do so over a long period of time or binge by taking big doses of this drug to get a proper effective high.
psychological dependence is certainly possible, so that is most likely that it is a psychological drug meanwhile physical is still under investigation.
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