Southern Colonies

Virginia, NC, SC, Georgia, Maryland


  • Founded- in 1607 by John Smith
  • Economy- made most of their money off of farming and cultivating tobacco brought over by John Rolfe
  • Government- Corporate to Royal colony
  • Population- 447,016 in 1770
  • Native Americans- The Catawba tribe, The Cherokee tribe, The Croatoan tribe, The tribes of the Powhatan Confederacy, The Tuscarora tribe, The Tutelo and Saponi tribes, The Yuchi tribe
  • Religion- they assumed the Anglican Church would be the established church supported by taxes that were imposed by government authority.
  • House of Burgesses- the first legislative assembly of elected representatives in North America

North Carolina

  • Founder- the eight Lord Proprietors in 1653
  • Economy- many people were farmers and provided for themselves by planting tobacco and other profitable crops and the women milking the cows
  • Government- Proprietary
  • Population- around 270,000 people
  • Native Americans- The Catawba, The Chowanoke, The Waccamaw, The Cherokee and many more tribes settled in the North Carolina colony
  • Religious- Quakers were some of the first settlers because the colony had established a religion as early as 1672 and although the Church of England was the original religion in colony there were a few attempts to set up Anglican churches.
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South Carolina

Founded- in 1633 by the eight English Nobles with a royal charter from King James II

Economy- was based on trade and agriculture, the earliest settlers traded with Native Americans. The flourishing shipping industry spurred the growth of global trade and slave trafficking, which led to the plantation-based agricultural system.
Government- Proprietary

Native Americans- The Catawba, The Chicora, The Yamassee and The Waccamaw tribes are still present in South Carolina.

Religious- the South Carolina colony also believed in and set up Anglican Churches


Founded- James Oglethorpe along with 114 colonists found the Georgia colony in 1733

Economy- Plantations grew indigo, rice, and tobacco. Cotton became a cash crop.

Government- Royal colony

Native Americans- The Apalachee, The Cherokee, The Muskogee Creek Indians all settled I the Georgia colony

Populations- 40,000-50,000 and African slaves accounted for almost half of the population.

Religion- Set up Anglican churches and congregations

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Founded- Was established in 1633 by George Calvart and Lord Baltimore

Economy- Manufacturing (Shipbuilding, iron works) and Agriculture (corn, wheat, rice indigo). Mainly concentrated on agriculture and developed the plantations exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, and vegetables.

Government- Proprietary colony

Native Americans- The Powhatan, The Shawnee and many other tribes settled here,

Populations- around 250,000

Religion- Had no established religion.

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