Flap Flap Flappers

By: Alexis Trigg & Janeth Garcia

What is a "Flapper?"

Flappers were typically young women that had bobbed hair and short skirts. They also wore a heavy amount of make-up. Flappers symbolized the new liberated women in the 1920's. Many people would see the "boyish" look and the shocking behavior as a change in morals. This idea of Flapper image reinforced the idea that women had more freedom.

what they wore.

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5 Interesting Facts

1. There was a poem written by Dorothy Parker entitled The Flapper.

2. Flapper women tend to rebel and often become rule breaking and also fast living.

3. The woman that drank usually tended to break the rules and be the ones getting in trouble.

4. One famous flapper name was Gilda Gray " the shimmering queen"