The Broken Gingerbread Man

Oh Snap!

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As I was baking in the 450 degree oven, I began to notice I was cracking! Panic I felt as my stomach started to slowly break in half. What was happening?

Questions began to bubble up in my cinnamon brain in the oven.

¨Was my dough not mixed up properly?¨

¨Was i supposed to be baked at 350 degrees?¨

I was alone on the baking sheet because my gingerbread friends took all the space on the other sheet.

When they pulled me out of the oven, my human mother that´s very kind and put extra ginger in me, yet again forgot to put the baking gloves on her hands and I fell to the ground. She picked me up quickly and put me on the a plate with my friends. Disappointment stained her eyes as she stared at me, broken.

When the time to ice us came around, I was feeling very excited. My friends were being picked up one by one by the children in the kitchen. Sarah, a very excellent artist, picked up Cinn-Gin and painted a very beautiful outfit on him in the whitest of icing. Cinn-Gin was now a brown body with white buttons, who always likes to smile.

I began to feel worried, still laying on the plate, what if nobody would ice me?

Lena, a very energetic 7 year old, whose smile turned straight to a frown. She was staring at me and her face was plastered with disappointment. ¨Mom? Where´s my cookie?¨

¨There´s one on the plate still, right?¨ Lena´s mom, Jane, called back.

¨Yes, but this one is ugly.¨

Wow, that´s what they thought of me. I thought for sure I´d be decorated.

Frowning from ear to ear, Lena threw me. She was very disappointed when she noticed she didn´t have a cookie to decorate.

She fed me to the dog.

Phrases, Clauses, and Sentence Used:

1. Compound sentence

2. Prepositional phrase

3. Participial phrase

4. Appositive phrase

5. Adjective clause

6. Adverb clause