WCPS Youth Apprenticeship Maryland

Partnering Employer Testimonials

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Dave Elliott, Herald-Mail Media

The staff was great, and our candidate through the program has been top-notch!

Becky Willard, Beacon Grace, LLC

The WCPS Youth Apprenticeship team has a genuine desire to improve and expand the program. After some implemented changes, they were able to identify an ideal candidate for Beacon Grace. The student has a great attitude and open to learning different technologies and concepts. The student is a fast learner and responds well to every challenge I give. I really appreciate the WCPS staff's help throughout this experience.

Amanda Fiery, Beachley Furniture Company

The Apprenticeship Program through WCPS is an amazing experience not only for the apprentice but for the employer as well. As an apprentice, they are able to try out an interest or passion at an early age and be exposed to their possible future work environment. Some may find this is exactly what they are looking for, while others may decide that they would like to go another route - and that's okay! We want this program to be able to help them feel confident in discerning their future options. For the employer, it helps us to be able to interact with our future talent pool and be able to build that relationship early on. We struggle to get younger generations excited about our industry but the Apprenticeship Program allows the students to learn about what we do through a hands on approach. We are thankful to be a part of the program and look forward to future apprenticeships!

Joanie Gerber, Bikle Manufacturing

I am very glad I participated in the Washington Co Apprenticeship Program. The two students here have been a benefit to our company and are learning a lot. We are benefiting by their youthful enthusiasm and staff is growing by becoming teachers. We are hopeful that their time with us will encourage their interest in the manufacturing field.