Aerospace engineering

Parker Carlson

Define and Interest

The field of engineering is mostly based around the design and development of air and spacecrafts. I think this field is interesting because flying has always been a dream of mankind. Refining and improving on that dream seems like fun to me.
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Typical Day

A typical day for a aerospace engineer will vary depending on what sub field you are working in. For example you might ensure a project will meet the quality standard or see if the project is financially feasible. Someone also might help design, coordinate, help with the testing of air crafts and products.

Typical StartiNg Salary

The lowest 10% earned around 65k a year. In 2012 the median salary was about 103k. While the top 10% earned just under 150k. Personally I think the median salary and entry salary seem very respectable for a 4 year degree.
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The entry level degree for this occupation is a typical 4-year degree, bachelors. One could infer to secure a higher paying job and better position they might need a better degree. With that said you can just move you way up with a 4-year degree.