My Job Chioce


Job Description

Gunsmiths repair modify guns to blueprints and customer satisfaction. They use tools like grinders, planer, and millers. They may also restore old rifles, bring older guns up to date, or update factory made rifles. Gunsmiths must know how to handle and operate a gun. They mus also understand the various assembly requirements.

Working Conditions

Gunsmiths work in workshops. Generally they do not work under great pressure, but before hunting season they can gt busy. Test firing can be noisy, but safety procedures have removed most of the risks. Retail gun stores employ gunsmiths might spend time talking to customers as well as repairing gun.


Gunsmith earn about $18,000 to $35,000 a year.


Gunsmiths need to have a high school diploma and extra training. High school students should take wood shop, metal work , and technical drawing. Some trade schools offer gunsmithing. Some of these schools grant diploma, and others have two year degree programs. Courses include algebra, drafting, Technical report writing, etc.

What People Like And Don't Like

I don't like that facet that you don't get outside much and that you need to be good in math. The things i do like is that you get to build and shoot guns, modify and repair guns, and work with guns.