Gregor Mendel

By: Amadu Barrie


You are to create a poster informing people about who Gregor Mendel is. Include important facts such as who he is, how and what he studied. Include the field of science that he made important contributions to. Any interesting things about him or his work should be included as well. You should be able to complete this in one class period and maybe part of another. Include pictures (remember to cite your sources) and do not copy and paste. The summaries and information should be in our own words.

Who was Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was born on July, 22, 1822 by his parents Anton and Rosine Mendel. He grew up on his families farm and was very smart. His local schoolmaster liked his ambition for learning so he sent Mendel to secondary school to continue his education.

The "Father Of Modern Genetics"

Mendel's pea test's

Mendel's tests ended up with fascinating results. he made the law of Segregation which said that there are recessive and dominant traits. He also created the law of Independence which means that traits are passed on independently from parents to offspring. This information advanced cell reproduction knowledge drastically and was a scientific break through. He found out why we look like we do and why we sometimes look different from our parents. That is pretty cool

Gregor Mendel Death Date

Sunday, Jan. 6th 1884 at 12am

Brno, Czech Republic

Brno, South Moravian Region

He died not to shooting or regular death, but to kidney inflammation.
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