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Information about China's "Golden Shield", and more!

What is the "Golden Shield"?

Hi, My name is Bob from China. I am answering a request brought out by tons of Americans. Please excuse my language my English is bad.

The Golden Shield is similar to the "Great Wall of China" which successfully defended against intruders in the past. Now, China has created a firewall that protects/blocks internet services throughout the entire country. Every single ISP (Internet Service Provider), they must follow the government's policy and if the company decided to betray what the Government blocks the company will be forcefully shut down.

All TV Waves and Internet MUST go through China's Firewall

If you don't know what a firewall is. It's kind of what defends unauthorized access while permitting communication to the internet. Each computer has a firewall to prevent known applications to prevent hackers and viruses from entering your computer.

Well, China has a firewall just like any school does. It blocks games, inappropriate websites, etc. But China is mostly Search Engines, USA News, Social Media, etc. This is what kills everyone, WE DO NOT HAVE THE FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER WE WANT ON THE INTERNET.

Now, Television is also being watched. If any television show violates a law by the Chinese Government and someone reports it or the Government saw it. They will attempt to shut down that television. China's News must now only be permitted by the Chinese Government. Reporters can not freely find scenes to reveal to the world, it must be allowed. If someone freely found news and broadcast it, they would go to jail for over 3 years.


There have been protests that secretly have been going on, but the government does not allow Chinese Citizens to see anything about protests that is directly towards the government.

What websites have been banned?

The most ranked cities in all countries are blocked in China. Websites such as Gmail, Google, Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, New York Times, etc.

Tested confirmed websites are here at this website: Link. If you want to try out a website to see if it's blocked in China, click on this link.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you understand the issues that goes on in China. I'll see you next week!

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