By: Kennedy

What is Imperialism?

Imperialism plays a very important role prior to World War 1. Through imperialism, three other causes formed that affected the beginning of World War 1. Imperialism is when a colony, empire etc. takes control over territories outside its own borders transforming and governing them as colonies. It is also defined as the governing force by another country. Imperialism was part of the beginning of World War 1, due to the industrialist movement. Within Europe, imperialism occurred at the height of industrialization.

Britain, France, Germany and Europe

Britain was the world's most powerful imperial power. Britain's closest neighbor, France, was another major imperial power. By 1900, the British Empire took over five continents and France also had control of large areas. The amount of land owned by Britain and France increased their rivalry with Germany, who had taken over small areas of Africa. Although, no country did imperialism better than Great Britain.

With all these colonies taking over groups of land, people got into fights because two colonies would want the same land. That eventually leaded up to war.

That is why imperialism played an important role prior to World War 1.