The Playright

Early Life

Born in Harlem, New York in 1915. He lived his childhood during the great depression, however he made the best of it by working jobs, playing sports, and reading in his free time. He attended the University of Michigan before writing his first major plays. Throughout his life he married 3 different woman: Mary Slattery, Marylin Monroe, and Inge Morath. He had two children Rebecca and Daniel nut he excluded Daniel from everything since he had down syndrome. That's ironic since one of his quotes is "Betrayal is the only truth that sticks". He died February 10th, 2005 on the anniversary of his play "The Death of a Salesman".


Arthur's first play was the "No Villian" it was in college and not as popular as his others. He also wrote "the Man Who Had All The Luck" which received bad reviews. 6 years later he wrote "All My Sons" which went on broad way as a major success. Not long after he wrote "The Death of a Salesman" Which became his most popular play. His Second most popular play "The Crucible" was written in response to the fear of communism. He also wrote the "The Misfits" which his wife starred in. His last noteworthy play was the "The Price" which received positive reviews.

One of The Best Playwrights.


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