mount Everest

and what hides on this mountain...

mount Everest

why mount. Everest is climbed so often

mount. Everest is simply known as the tallest mountain in the world. And a miriad amount of people come from all around the world. even though its lengthy ways from a lot of places to get to Nepal where mount where Everest is located, they come and thrive off of the adrinaline of climbing the worlds tallest mountain and succeding to reaching the top. that's not all. its an amazing expeirience. and it could make you healthier and more capable thanks to aclimatization.

FUN FACT: Did you know that a 13 year old boy named Jordan climbed mount Everest, as well as a blind man. and a teenager survived 2 days on mount Everest all on his own, after getting lost then found again.

the dangers of mount Everst

mount. Everest is cool but is also dangerous, here is why...On mount. Everest many things could go wrong,

* your gear would stop working (malfunction ECT.)

* its not rare that you yourself could cause an avalanch.

*SOMEONE could mess with your gear and fail you while climbing.

*suffer from H.A.P.E


those are just some of the many ways that things could go wrong And make mount. Everest very don't get scared from this information, these are just the facts. Its okay if you don't want to climb mount Everest but these thing will always be there. but life is too short to be scared of a mountain. and who know you could be the oldest or youngest climber to reach the peak.or just plain old amazing you reaching that peak.

why it would be good to climb mount. Everest