Mora Elementary Newsletter

October 11th, 2019

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10/09/2019 Morning Announcements

Counselor's Quote of the Week

"Kindness is spreading sunshine into other people's lives regardless of the weather".

Office Tidbits

Planning for after school transportation for your student can be difficult and changes happen. Filling out a Ticket to Ride or Change Ticket, can simplify this process. A primary plan for each student should already be arranged with your student's homeroom teacher. However, if there is a change, you can fill out one of the attached tickets (Ticket to Ride and Daily Change Tickets are ONLY good for ONE day). A Ticket to Ride is for bussing changes, a Daily Change Ticket is for all other changes. All tickets must be filled out completely by the parent/guardian and returned to the elementary office to be signed/verified by office staff. A new ticket will be needed for each additional day there is a change.

Fun Run Day!
All of our grades did a TERRIFIC job running today! The above video is a clip of our 4th grade students tearing up the track! Great job everyone!

September Be Club Winners!

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You're invited to Family Reading Night!

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Veterans Day Program Information

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Water Balloon Challenge

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Students were challenged to earn 3 donations each towards our Fun Run goal. Each student that received 3 donations or more got to throw a water ballon at Mr. Qual, Mrs. Spartz, and a few other staff members.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Take Your Parent to Lunch Day

Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 12am

Mora Elementary

No School- MEA

Thursday, Oct. 17th, 12am

Mora Public Schools

No School- Fall Break

Friday, Oct. 18th, 12am

Mora Public Schools

Love and Logic Parenting Class

Monday, Oct. 21st, 5:30pm

Mora Elementary

Family Reading Night

Monday, Oct. 28th, 5pm

Mora Elementary

Veterans Day Program

Monday, Nov. 11th, 9am

Mora Elementary North Gym