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Water is an essential nutrient. It enables a tremendous number of chemical reactions in the body to take place. Cells, tissues, and organs need water to function.

Everything and anything about water

  1. Water is basically all around you. You can find in in many foods, the environment, and even your body!
  2. A human can not live without water. A human can live up to three days - or he/she will perish.

What does water do for the body?

  1. It helps with digestion, absorption, and transportation of nutrients.
  2. It eliminates wastes and toxins from the kidneys, colon, and lungs.
  3. Distributing heat throughout the body and allowing heat to be released through the skin by evaporation. (sweating)

Jayme Jorge and Quinn Kenyon

acrostic poem

a human can live Without nutrients, but only a few days without water.

the body cAn't store water.

Thirteen cups of water is need for men a day.

ninE cups of water is needed for women a day.

dehydRaction occurs if you don't have enough water.

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