The Kingdom of Lesotho

Culture of Lesotho

The People

Lesotho has 1.9 million people and it is growing .14% each year. They speak English and Sesotho. English is used in business. Most of the population is Christian and there is a very small Muslim area in the North.
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Customs and Greetings

People greet by shaking hands and saying "hello," (Lumela) or "Peace be with you," (Khotso) Pointing is rude and impolite and holding hands is common. The people (called basotho) are very hospitable and say "Come in" (kena) when they hear a guest at the door.
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Lesotho works on a paternal or patriarchal society. Men often don't work in the country so women are responsible for many decision and most of the farm work. They is little dating and the groom usually pays with cattle or money to the family of the bride. The most popular sport is soccer and the Basotho enjoy singing.
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Lesotho works on a constitutional monarch that is divided in ten districts, but most authority and power us vested in the Prime Minister who at the moment is Pakalitha Mosisili. Lesotho has very little in the way of natural resources and unemployment occasionally reaches 50%. Cities are small and it is easy to walk to get around although a number of mini buses provide transport. Women in Lesotho have a higher literacy rate then men because at a young age boys tend the herds and girls attend school.
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