Followers are called jews

All about Judaism

In Judaism the followers are called Jews.Key beliefs in Judaism are to pray, study the Torah,follow god's laws, including 10 commandments, consider all people equal and Sabbath.Sabbath is a holy day from Friday evening to Saturday evening.Some of the 10 commandments are people should not kill,remember Sabbath day,and shall not steal.Some tradition in Judaism are Rosh Hashnanah, Yom Kipper,Passover and Hanukkah .Rosh Hashnanah is Jewish new year. Yom Kipper is a holy day where they fast for 10 days and pray all the time. Hanukkah is festival lasting 8 days from the 25th. One of place of worship in Judaism is synagogue.Synagogue is a place where Jews come to worship.The Worship leaders in Judaism are called Rabbi.A Rabbi is a teacher and guide of the Torah.The two Holy books in Judaism are Tanakh and Torah.These 2 books are very important holy books especially the Torah.Sacraments in Judaism are bar (boy) or bat (girl) mitzvah at age 13; one is now a full member of the congregation.One common Holy site in Judaism is the Western Wall (sometimes called the Wailing Wall) is in Jerusalem.