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Acne Scars: How Does Laser Scar Removal Work?

Acne is a problem that many of us experience at some point or another, most often during adolescence. Unfortunately, acne is not only a teenager problem – it can leave scars. These scars most often show up as very rough skin, skin that is sometimes described as “cratered” because of the small round depressions in it. for many people, the scars left behind by acne can last a lifetime.

But they don't have to.

For many years, professional laser surgeons have successfully used medical lasers to remove scars. This technique has now been adapted to specifically treat acne scars, and can result in substantially clearer skin – skin that is much smoother, without the “pitted” look that acne survivors dread. More and more people are finding that laser acne scar removal can help them look like they never had acne at all. So how does it work?

To understand laser scar removal, you have to understand scar tissue. Each of the bumps, pits or rough spots left behind by acne is actually a tiny scar tissue site. Scar tissue is formed as a natural part of your body's healing process. When regular, healthy tissue is torn – such as when it is ruptured by acne – the body wants to fill it in as quickly as possible. In many cases that means your body will grow scar tissue, fast-growing but rough, inflexible form of tissue that does not look as attractive as healthy skin.

Normally, that's the end of the story; the scar tissue is there to stay. But scar tissue can be broken up, and if this is done right then regular, healthy tissue will grow in its place.

That's what laser surgery does. The laser actually delivers a slight burn to the skin, targeting the sites of the scar tissue and helping break it up. Because the tissue is only mildly damaged, the body grows back regular healthy tissue instead of more scar tissue.

Immediately after laser surgery there can be some redness and swelling, but once this goes away the skin often heals back smoother, clearer and more beautiful than ever.

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