IOS 7 Update

Erica Romero

Why you Shouldn't Update

The iOS 7 update:

  • may take you several times to install
  • takes pictures quickly, but they come out very blurry due to the slow focus
  • doesn't let you turn down the quality of the pictures, which makes you take 8 megapixel pictures every time
  • let's iCloud fill up rapidly if you don't delete unwanted pictures
  • features a good-looking keyboard, but it is more difficult to tell if you've pressed the shift key or not, and the .com button is not visible any more
  • won't let you charge the phone with a cheaper, non-apple charger and a pop up may come up making you have to buy one of Apple's original chargers
  • doesn't turn from red to white when charging at less than 20% until it passes the 20%, making you think that your phone isn't charging when it actually is
  • is slower including in: opening apps, bringing up the keyboard, opening the settings, and more

Why you Should Update

The iOS 7 update features:

  • automatic updates to apps
  • a control center all in one swipe, where you find useful controls
  • a notification center you can access from the lock screen
  • new filters for the pictures you're about to take
  • albums organized by where you were in the picture and the day it was in the picture
  • a new look in safari, where you can now have full screen browsing
  • multitasking, where you can have more than one page open and have easy access to it

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Should you Update or Not?

I would say that you shouldn't update. Along with the confusing changes, it is also slow, and it makes you buy extra things for it. If you want bad looking pictures and you want iCloud to fill up fast, then you should update.

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