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Let's Call Them Heroes Instead...

By: Lauren Current/Period 7/12.16.2014

Could Our So Called "Hero" Be a Fake?

Our latest reports say that Sam Wilson has been caught putting gasoline in his armpit, and eating batteries for breakfast with a side of kidney pie for desert... is our so called hero a fake hero? Could he actually be a robot? Our evidence says it is very possible because how could a regular 14 year old nerd break into the white house, break out of prison, and save all human race? they have taken him into custody for questioning and we will get back to you with more information as soon as possible.

Advise Columb

Dear Carolyn:

I have this girl that i really like, but i do not know if she likes me back... To be honest she kind of hates me... so how do i get her to like me? she is not the type who likes to talk about these type of things, so i need to get her to like me without her even knowing i like her. I NEED HELP!

-Love Poison

Dear Love Poison:

I think you need to tell her how you feel. I know how girls are, we act "hard to get", but in the inside our stomach is crawling with butterflies. if she tells you she has no feeling for you, tell her that you are not giving up on "us", you will probably have to tell her that several times, but in the end you will be riding into the sunset with her.


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