Sight of a Human

Annabelle Wu

An Iris's Job

Your pupils shrink as the iris senses some light you see. In order to get light out, your pupils shrink for good measure with the help of the iris, which controls the pupil. If your pupil doesn't shrink, the light could be harmful to the eye's retina. Once the iris senses the light, it makes the pupil shrink. You should thank your iris every time your pupil shrink. Shrinking every time you see light over and over again is not easy!

Glasses for You

Wearing glasses can improve your eyesight. Glasses does helpful things to your eyes. Even though you cannot see it,the glasses lens are curved. The curve reflects the light so it does not hit your eyes. Without the light, you can see better.The light makes your eyeballs longer. If your eyes are long, that means you have bad eyesight. Wearing glasses while having bad eyesight is a smart idea. You don't want to let the light to take over your eyes!
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Faded Colors

Being color blind means your cones not not working right. You have rods and cones. Rods help you see shades while blue cones, red cones, and green cones help you to see colors. if your cones are not working the way it should be, it makes you color blind. To people who are color blind, things appear gray. To keep on seeing colors, you should protect and rest your eyes sometimes. Your eyes would thank you every time you do it!
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A Spinning World

Whenever you're dizzy, the world looks like it's tipping over! The brain has a part for each sense. The sight part of the brain takes full control of your sight. The brain is surrounded by a special liquid called the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). So, the brain spins along with you if you spin. Since the sight part of the brain takes control of your eyesight, the world looks like it is spinning because the brain is spinning. Don't panic if your surroundings look like they're tipping over -it's just your brain!

Sight at Night

Creatures like cats have night vision. Have you ever wondered why? If you have night vision, that means your lens collects special light and energy. Then, the light bounces off you eyes, making more and more light to bounce off. The bouncing creates a 'cloud' in your eyes. With the cloud, you will see in night vision. Having night vision is a cool thing, but just an original eye cannot collect the special light!
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A Light too Strong

When you see a strong light, you would close your eyes. Sometimes the light is so strong that your pupil alone cannot help. Your pupil cannot get a huge amount of light out. Once the iris senses too much light, it sends a message to the brain. Then, an automatic nervous system message is sent to avoid the light. Every time you see a strong light, it might not always be your brain but you, too. Do not always count on your pupil too much!