Weekly Warrior

Volume 2 Issue 10 January 26, 2014

Important Dates

Jan 28th-Leadership Team meeting in library
Jan 29th-Clubs
Jan 29th & 30th-WorkKeys testing at ATC
Feb 7th-AP Math Study Session at SWHS
Feb 9th-Biology EOC
Feb 10th-Algebra 2 EOC
Feb 11th-US History EOC
Feb 12th-1st, 3rd, & 5th Block Final Exams for Trimester 2
Feb 13th-Last Day of Trimester 2--2nd & 4th Final Exams
Feb 13th-SEEK Money--Deadline for POs
Feb 16th-Growth Day
Feb 17th-Start of Trimester 3
Feb 25th-WorkKeys testing for preparatory Seniors

Club dates for the remainder of the school year.

January 29th
February 26th
March 31st

Warrior Spotlight

Certified Staff Member: Whitney Gadberry

Mrs. Gadberry is a dedicated teacher who often gives up her planning period to work with students who are enrolled in the Exceptional (Special) Education department. Mrs. Gadberry is known to work with students of exceptional education one-on-one until these students have mastered the concepts she needs for them to learn. She is always willing to work with her coworkers to help provide all students with the highest possibility of reaching success. Mrs. Gadberry is also an individual who is well respected within the school and within the entire community.

Classified Staff Member: Kayla Shumaker

Mrs. Shumaker is an individual who develops positive relationships with her students that are so strong that her students are always disappointed when she is unable to come to work due to illness or attending a scheduled meeting. These same students also tell other teachers in the building that Mrs. Shumaker will be missed whenever the students graduate from Southwestern High School. She is an educator who always wears a smile on her face while keeping an uplifting attitude around her colleagues and students. Mrs. Shumaker is passionate about assisting other teachers and helping ANY student without any reluctance.

What activities have you done for the World Language Program Review this year?

This week's focus:

Demonstrator 1a. Student Access

All students should have equitable access to high quality curriculum and instruction.


a) The school provides regular opportunities for all students, including English Language Learners (ELL), to learn and develop benchmarked proficiencies in at least one world language and provide multiple opportunities for all students to experience a range of global cultures, issues and connections (e.g., by scheduling time for instruction, providing resources and monitoring).

Some examples of classroom activities that would fit this standard are:

Foreign Exchange Program, opportunities to travel abroad, ESL/ELL Staff & Schedule, Curriculum Maps, Lesson Plans, Syllabus, Master Schedule, Appalachian artifacts, American Sign Language club, incorporating global issues or cultures into your content through reading, writing, or discussion.

If you have anything that fits in this area that you can document, please include your evidence and remember to save it using the standard format

WL CI Dem 1a-dellis14-15.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.