by tristen che emmens

belgiums finest

we exchange Foreign currency

the ATM's exchange Foreign money anytime of the hour in our ATM's. the ATM is kinda like a regular ATM except the tricky part about them our they have every type of currency, we even exchange foreign cents!

come to our souvenir shop

our souvenir shop is the finest shop in Belgium!! we have sweatshirts to coffee mugs, we have thousands of souvenirs.

Belgian's finest

Belgian's finest has been around since est. 2004, we have been proud patriots of Belgium. all of our family has helped make the shop.

ann frank, history today

Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 1pm to Sunday, Jan. 5th, 6pm

Waterloo, Belgium

Waterloo, Walloon Region

its about the harsh times in world war II when ann frank was hiding somewhere in the netherlands.

date and existence

it was far back when Belgium was created, it was back when bc was still in. ( bc means before christ.)

We've got the best coffee in town!!

our Coffee is fresh from the foothills of Belgium to the heart of Columbia. we have french roast to house blend, i could say more of the types of roasts or blends, or you can just visit our shop!!!