All About the Maldives


First settled in 5th century BC, the Maldives (formerly called the Maldive Islands) were settled by Buddhist seafarers. The islands were first under the protection of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), then came under the protection of the British in 1887. An independence agreement followed in 1965, and the Maldives soon established a republican type of government.
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Giant Tsunami

Sunday, Dec. 26th 2004 at 1pm

Indian Ocean

There were 82 deaths

Had a magnitude of 9.1-9.3

Had a maximum of Mercalli intensity of IX

Cultural Traits

Population Pyramid

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Economics and Political effects

The Maldives in very dependent on two of their largest industries- fishing and tourism. But since the tsunami of 2004, 14/200 of the islands were destroyed, and 8% of the country`s fishing fleet was destroyed. The Reconstruction was $375 Million (50% of the country`s GDP) This lead to making the country very poor, and the political crisis of 2012 doesn`t help either.


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