The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By Wyatt Schoonhoven


If you practice very hard you can do anything you set your mind to.

Cruz De La Cruz

Cruz rides into town from the east and help the team get there act together and win the big game! Now Cruz is an outgoing brave character in the story. I think he can connect to some of my friends that like baseball and are good at it.

Tom Gallagher

Tom strated out being a shy boy that is not the best at baseball but throughout the story he overcame his shyness. He also practiced, practiced, and practiced base ball so he improved his skills.

The Climax

In my opinion I think the climax of the book was when the big game was going on and they were down by one. I felt like they were going to lose. It did not turn out the way I thought it would, I thought the Wildcats would lose to the alltime allstar vikings.

A hero

I think that the hero is Cruz for not giving up on them when they could barly play baseball. He trained them so that they could beat the furiouse Vikings. One of my heros is my dad for always being there when i am sad or board.