ESC 18 - Taco Tech Tuesday

Minus the Tacos, Extra Tech!

March 24, 2020


A free webinar from AESA and Business Partner ClassLink.....


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

2:00 pm Eastern (1:00 pm Central; 12:00 pm Mountain; 11:00 am Pacific)

Nearly all schools have closed their buildings and campuses to contain the spread of coronavirus. As a result, the entire industry is rapidly adopting online and remote learning models. For over 22 years, schools have trusted ClassLink to deliver online learning. Wanting to help schools transition to e-learning models in 90 minutes, we created ClassLink Lite and are delivering it to schools through our partnership with AESA.

In this webinar, learn how ESAs can help schools make the switch with:

· Access - Single Sign-on gives students and staff instant access to all their online resources from one location and on any device.

· Analytics - Ensure teachers and students remain engaged when remote learning days are in effect.

· My Files - Simplify remote access to school folders and files. Bring together your school network and cloud storage into one location including Google Drive, O365, and Dropbox.

As early as 75 years ago, ESAs have been guiding and supporting schools through both successful and difficult times. That leadership is especially critical during challenges like what schools face today.

Please join this webinar to learn how your ESA can help local districts improve remote learning through an easy to use, and now, easy to activate, single sign-on portal with analytics.


For more information, see this PRESS RELEASE from ClassLink.


Grids are the meeting place for your classroom, your school, your department or any learning community to discuss your topics. Ignite discussion in your classroom by having students post questions take videos and interact with not only you but with each other. Watch confidence and creativity flourish as your learners record short, authentic videos based on your Topics. From the back row to the front, every learner shares their voice and builds upon the diverse voices of their peers.

Here is a great guide for educators Flipgrid Educator's Guide

Create your free account today and learn more at

Google Keep

Quickly capture what’s on your mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or find it later in search. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family. Watch the video below to learn more.

Mercury Reader

Clear away the clutter from all of your articles. Instantly.

The Mercury Reader extension for Chrome removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a clean and consistent reading view on every site. Instantly make the viewing and reading environment for your students distraction free. Learn more and add the Google Chrome extension here


Easily create mathematical equations, formulas and quizzes. Intuitively type or handwrite, with no tricky math code to learn.

Until now, writing equations and math expressions on your computer has been slow and laborious. EquatIO makes math digital, helping teachers and students at all levels create math expressions quickly and easily. Type or handwrite virtually any mathematical expression directly on your keyboard or touchscreen. There’s no need for any complicated code or programming languages. EquatIO instantly turns your thoughts into clear, accurate on-screen formulas. When you type ‘sq’, it knows that you mean ‘square root’. And it listens, too. When you dictate a formula aloud, EquatIO is smart enough to ignore ‘umms’, ‘errs’ and other unwanted non-math words. Add the Google Chrome Extension here

Technology Help Desk

Remember to submit a Technology Help Desk ticket for any technology needs or services. Email Technology at or call the Help Desk at (432)-561-4321

Google Educator Level 1 and 2 Certification

Click on the image below to learn more about becoming certified as a Google Educator Certification Level 1 and Level 2.

Chris Enriquez

Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Analytics