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May 2018

Summer Tech Workshops!

Thank you for all your input on topics you would like available for our Summer Tech Workshops! Workshop Registration is now open! All registrations must be completed by noon (12pm) Friday, May 15th.

Below are the workshop topics with brief descriptors:

Mimio Notebook Refresher - (This is only relevant for our elementary teachers.) We will go over the use of the Mimio Notebook software covering a variety of features including cloning, lock & unlock, and order. We will also look at ways to move the top toolbar, converting files to the ink format, and importing files.

Seesaw - (This is recommended for K-12 teachers.) We will cover how Seesaw works, ideas for utilization in the classroom, and real experiences from teachers who have been using Seesaw with their students.

Google Classroom Refresher - Participants will get a quick refresher on creating and archiving classes, adding assignments, creating topics and scoring assignments. We will also look at creating template documents to use for assignments, and have an open time for Q&A. Participants will have time to start creating for their upcoming classes in the fall.

Tech Tools for Grading - We will explore some tech tools that allow teachers to not only create blended worksheets and digital quizzes but also does the bulk of the grading for you. Participants will have time to make their own creations so come prepared with ideas or past documents that you can convert with these tech tools.

Breakout EDU Creation - This will be a whole day workshop, but divided in such a way that participants can attend the morning session, afternoon session or the whole day. The morning session will be a guided time where participants will learn more about using digital tools for creating game puzzles. You will also be challenged to create new puzzles for a pre-created game. The afternoon session will be work time to either create your own game, work with a partner or group to create a game or take a pre-created game and change out some of the puzzles to make it tailor designed for your students and/or content area.

Google Apps - In this all day workshop we will look at what's new in the various Google Apps, using multiple inboxes in your Gmail, organization ideas for your Gmail and Google Drive, ideas for dressing up those Google Slides and, time permitting, a quick trip with Google Earth. There will be time built into the day for participants to actually apply the information they learn throughout the day.

Mimio Notebook Workday - (This is only relevant for our elementary teachers.) This will be a come and go day allowing teachers the opportunity to work with the software and create resources for their classroom. There will be no formal instruction, but Gwen will be available to assist you and address individual questions. (You must stay ½ of the day for it to count toward the requirements for a Baker credit.)

Classroom Website Workday - This will be a come and go day allowing teachers the opportunity to work on updating their classroom websites. There will be a video available for viewing with a refresher on how to use Weebly along with tips and tricks. (You must stay ½ of the day for it to count toward the requirements for a Baker credit.)

Interested in earning Baker College credit? Then read on!

Baker College Credit Option

If you are interested in earning Baker College Credits, please read over the following requirements:

Requirements to earn 1 college credit from Baker

Completion of one of the following workshop combinations:

  • 3 - ½ day workshops

  • 1 all-day workshop + 1 - ½ day workshop

  • 1 - ½ day workday + 2 - ½ day workshops

  • 1 all-day workshop + 1 -½ day workday

Completion of Instructional Technology Lesson plan (click here to see sample lesson plan)

½ Day Workshops

Mimio Notebook Refresher - June 19th (1:00-4:00pm)

Seesaw - June 12th (8:30-11:30am); July 17th (8:30-11:30am)

Google Classroom Refresher - July 17th (1:00-4:00pm)

Tech Tools for Grading - June 19th (8:30-11:30am)

Breakout EDU Creation (½ day optional) - July 10th

All-day Workshops

Google Apps - June 26th (8:30am - 3:30pm)

Breakout Creation (½ day optional) - July 10th (8:30am - 3:30pm)

All-day Workdays

*You must stay ½ of the day and may only use one of these workdays to count toward your Baker credit requirements.

Mimio Notebook Workday - June 20th

Classroom Website Workday - June 27th

*All work must be completed by midnight July 29th.

Cost: $65 per credit hour

*There is the potential to earn 3 college credits if you attend all 4 -½ day workshops, 2 all-day workshops and 1 workday.

Tech To-Dos before Summer

The school year is winding down and we are preparing for our summer tasks. We will be updating and reimaging all student iPads, Chromebooks and Mac Computers. We will also be updating and reimaging all staff computers, with the exception of the LHS teachers who received a new computer this past month. If you have any technology issues that we need to address in your classroom this summer, please submit a ticket so we get it on the summer list. Examples include cleaning projector filters, requesting an Apple TV or adjusting audio volume (LES only).

We will be sending a detailed email regarding the procedures for what to do with your teacher devices and student devices before you leave for the summer. Please take the time to read through this email as the steps will be helpful to both you and the Tech Department.

What's new in the tech department?

  • We have interviewed for a Technical Assistant and are in the process of seeking approval of the selected candidate. This individual will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of our servers, networking infrastructure and phone system. They will also assist with printer, computer and iPad imaging, repairs and troubleshooting.
  • We have started putting together our summer project list so we can begin prioritizing and distributing the workload among our team. Please be sure to submit tickets for any technology related issues we need to address in your classroom.
  • We will be changing the wifi password on May 23rd. If you come to work in your building (or any other building) on or after this date, we may need to enter the new password on your computer. Just call our office if you are not able to access the wifi on your USD 495 device(s).
  • If you need to contact the Tech Office during the course of the summer, please call 285-8451 or email There will be a few days throughout the summer when no one is in the office. We will do our best to communicate those to you via email, so be sure to check your email.

A Little Fun

The first 4 people who register for summer workshops will a $10 iTunes gift card!

Important Tech Links

Submit a Ticket - Submit a tech ticket for those issues that are not urgent or are not hindering your ability to perform the tasks for your position.

App Request submission - Needing apps added to a student iPad? Complete this form.

Chrome App & Extension Request submission - Want a Chrome extension or app available for students to add? Complete this quick Chrome App & Extension form.

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