GreenHouse Effect



The greenhouse gases include water vapor, Co2, methane, nitrous oxide (N2O) and other gases. Carbon Dioxide enters the atmosphere and creates a sort of blanket for the globe, trapping heat. But before all this radiation can escape to outer space, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb some of it, which makes the atmosphere warmer.


Many scientist agree that the damage to the Earth's atmosphere and climate is past the point of being reversed. The Earth's greenhouse effect is what makes this planet suitable for life. If it were not for the green house gases trapping heat in the atmosphere, the earth would be very cold.
1) Why is climate change happening? Well, one main reason is because of people adding greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases get built up and trapped in the atmosphere causing the Earth to be warmer.

2) How does the Greenhouse effect affect the climate? The greenhouse effect is natural and helps the Earth stay warm enough for us to live here.

3) Why is the Earth's tempeture getting a little warmer an issue? Temperature is an important role in how nature works, and a small change in the average temperature can have a noticeable impact on animals, plants and other natural processes.