Anne's shower/Batchelorette!

Anne is finally getting married!!!

Our Anna Banana is finally marrying her prince charming, and what better way to get her ready then to shower her with love and gifts! Anne and Mark are unfortunitly not able to have a big wedding, and because she is getting married in 5 weeks, she is not able to experience many of the traditional celebrations a bride would get to have. We may not all be able to see Anne and Mark on there special day, but that does not mean we can't show them how happy we are for them both! So please join us for some drinks, laughter and fun to celebrate the happy couple and the new chapter ahead of them!


Sunday, Oct. 5th, 3pm

Pearl St

Buffalo, NY

We will be starting Anne's shower At Pearl Street Bar and Grill for dinner at 3pm. After dinner we will be swooping Anne up and taking her to Liberty hound for Drinks and laughs on the waterfront, for a quickly batchelorette party. I intend on dressing Anne up in some silly batchelorette gear, so if you have something in mind for her, bring it!!!! Make sure to bring plenty of cash to cover your night because I simply cannot feed you all... so sorry :) If you want to chip in towards Anne's food or drink that would be much appreciated, however its not mandatory that you have to. I hope you can all make it out to celebrate Anne. I know she will be so overwhelmed with happiness to know that we all love her enough to celebrate her, and Mark at this exciting and special time!