Survival guide

for Appalachian Mountains

Continent,climate,and Geography

Appalachian Mountains is on the North American continent, the climate is temperate, the geography is mountain ranges lots of mountains , the temperture range is low

4 steps to survive

1.The first thing you need is shelter

2.The second thing you need is fire so bring flint,wood and fire supplies.

3.The third thing you need is water so go to a river get some water boil it over the fire

4.The third thing is food so check your plane for food or make a trap

Animal Life

1. Deer are a good food source for anybody because the deer is not harmful and has enough food for one person

2.Bears are harmful if you have food because if you fight for food you become food

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Plant Life

1. The service berry are edible and are not poisonous

2.The maple tree is not life threatening but the syrup is going to make your hurt for a long time

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