watershed &ocean ecosystems :) <3

by reagan goss

oil spills

In April 10th 2010 the Bp oil spill hit it was tragic to the ecosystem plants and animals living in all the toxic oil. thousands of gallons of oils spilled into the gulf of Mexico. It was 5 months later the gulf was said too be clean an ready to have people swim in it again. there has been other big oil spills that have drastically change the area and the ecosystem. oil spills are dangerous to the plant and animals that live in that ecosystem for days too weeks to even years they have too wait for the water, land , and there food web too rebalance it self. with the help of clean up crews and donations the ecosystem will be on track again.But some times its too late too repopulate the area to it natural state. Plants and animals who have died or left the area may come back but it will take a very long time for the ecosystem to have all the right pieces back.

how we help too prevent harsh oilspills

if you dint know dawn has a campaign that help animals who have been in oil spills they rescue 75,000 wild animals affected by oil spills . they have been running the campaign for 30 years they first started in1971International Bird Rescue is a nonprofit wildlife organization that care for birds that are affected by man made disaster like oil spills they help 5000 birds such as pelicans, herons, albatrosses, and other aquatic species and in 1978 they trusted dawn who has grease fighting soap witch helps wash away all the oil and is gentle for the animals
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Overfishing is a disaster in the making. Overfishing can destroy every food chain in the ocean. Overfishing can happen in any body of water; ponds, rivers, lakes or oceans. Overfishing can come in many forms for example the overfishing of sharks. Overfishing can become a huge disaster when more fish are being caught than the population can replace.

How we are helping overfishing ?

To prevent overfishing the government has regulated fishing areas. The regulations included fishing quotas, bag limits, licensing, closed seasons and size limits. Another example of prevention are wrecked ships that are out of use to one day become reefs home to thousands of fish that were being pulled out of the ecosystem. The government dose this to say sorry to the ocean for all litter ,polition and oil spills that have destroyed the ocean.


the word pollution means introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. pollution can come in many forms like chemical substances or energy.

how to stop polution

If our society wants to lower pollution, we need to use less energy by purchasing energy efficient appliances. We can also drive cars that use less fossil fuel energy.

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Mining is the process of collecting oil/coal from the Earth.

whats wrong with ocean mining

Ocean mining disturbs the coral reefs and other habitats of ocean animals. It removes natural resources that have taken millions of years to be created by animal remains, pressure and millions of years.


Things that have been thrown away and that are lying on the ground in a public place

Cleaning up littering

Not only does our littering effects habitats, but also effects the genetic traits that are passed down to the next generation, or not due to the lack of ability to procreate.