Catching Fire

By Suzanne Collins


Catching Fire is a book that is part of a series that is very well liked, by several people, it is called "The Hunger Games". It has so much action and is very entertaining.
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Main Charactors

Hunger Games Arena

The place where most of the action takes place is in the Hunger Games arena. The arena is a huge forest that has force fields on the outsides to make sure people can not escape or commit suicide. The arena is where all the fighting of the games takes place.

Question and Answer

1) What are three things you learned from the book?

- You can't give up on people you once trusted.

- You can't give up on yourself or others in tough situations.

- If your life is being threatened it is your call weather you save yourself or try to save your team.

2) What was the best part of the novel?

- I enjoyed the whole book as a whole. One part of the book that i thought was very creative and cool was when they had the birds in the games that were programmed to say a voice of someone that the tributes love, or miss. This was a good idea because it would make the tributes distracted. This is just one specific idea I like from the book.

Book Reviews

"Publishers Weekly's 2009 award for Best Book of the Year."

"Time magazine placed Catching Fire at number four on its list of the top 100 fiction books of 2009."


Catching Fire is the second book of the Hunger Games series. It is where the second hunger games takes place. Katniss and Peeta go into the hunger games again and several people end up winning, and go to find district 13. Katniss and the others are dreaming of escaping into ditrict 13.

Ben A.

My name is Ben and I enjoy being outside and playing sports. I play football, lacrosse, baseball, wrestling and I snowboard. I also like to go hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling. I really like Catching Fire because of all the action and it was entertaining..
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