The Pros of Propane

Propane 101

Is propane renewable?

No, propane is not renewable. It is retained from natural gas fields, so it is not renewable.

How Does Propane Work to Produce Energy for Individuals?

Propane comes from natural gas and petroleum wells. Half of the propane used in the U.S comes from raw natural gas. Raw natural gas is 90% methane, 5% propane. and the other 5% are other gases. Other supplies of propane comes from petroleum refineries, or it is imported.

What is Propane Used For?

Propane is used for....

a) heating barns and operating barn equipment.

b) to make products and fuel industries.

c) to fuel hot air balloons.

d) to fuel machinary that is used indoors.

e) to fuel backyard grills.

f) to heat homes.

g) to fuel fleet vehicles.

h) to fuel appliances.

i) aspalt for new roads or highways.

Are There Products Created Through Propane?

Not really. Propane can be used to create asphalt for roads, but that is all I could find. I have found that propane can be used to heat homes, and buildings.

Who Uses Propane?

Propane is a trusted and relliable source that Americans use everyday. Families, bussiness workers, chefs, and many others use propane all the time. Families and others use propane to heat their homes, fireplaces, air conditioners, and outdoor grills.

The Cost Benefit to Using Propane?

Why wouldn't people use propane?

Propane is a well-established, and clean burning fuel. Propane improves public health and the environment. The average cost of propane is approximately 30% less than regular unleaded gas.

What is the Environment Impact?

The Tech Awards 2012 - Intel Environment Award - LEHR, Inc. Propane Outboard Motors

Advantages of Propane

> Can be used safely indoors

> It is cheap

> A long history of being safe

> Few noxious fumes

> Easily transportable

> Available for many applications.