Japanese 1 Week 1


...✿... ようこそ! (youkoso) Welcome! ...✿...

My name is Dianna Hall (◕‿◕✿), and I am the Japanese 1 instructor for NCVPS. Students, you can call me: "Hall sensei". To learn more about me, you can go to the link in the course called "Your Teacher". ^.^

This course is ENTIRELY ONLINE, so there's no textbooks required. It is required for students to login daily (Mon-Fri), unless it's an NCVPS observed holiday.


  • Respond to my Welcome Email.
    (If you have NOT received the email, please email me ASAP and let me know.)
  • Have a Welcome Call to talk to me. (You can find this info in the Welcome Email.)
  • Complete the Student Information Survey that was emailed in the Welcome email.

εїз What we are working on this week:

In Blackboard, go through the ORIENTATION tab/link, as well as the "Intro Module" that is located in the Course Modules in the course. Make sure that you go through each folder in the Orientation tab/link as well as the "Intro Module" link.

Be sure to complete all the assignments that are due and listed on the Calendar for this course. You can also find it below.

Assignments Due Week 1 -Orientation

  1. RESPOND to Welcome Email (make sure you respond by opening a new email and reply.)
  2. Student Info Survey-(Found in the Calendar)
  3. How do you learn? Assignment (LinguaFolio, Found in the Biography Doc.)
  4. Language Coaching Sign Up- Go to the "My Coach" tab in the course, and click on the link to sign up for a coach time!! (First come first serve!!)
  5. Welcome Call (phone)--Appointment link above (Needs to be COMPLETED ASAP!)
  6. Download Blackboard IM- there's a course link, on the left side panel of the course.
  7. Getting Acquainted ToonDoo - (Course Modules tab --> Intro Module --> Getting Acquainted)
  8. Academic Integrity Quiz - (Found in Blackboard)
  9. Typing QUIZ
Japanese 1 Course Calendar

Here is the link to the calendar for the course. Please bookmark this calendar to your computer. It has all the due dates for assignments, quizzes, exams, projects, etc. It also has important links posted at the bottom of the month.

Tech info reminder for Japanese 1

Don't forget to use FIREFOX www.firefox.com as your browser, and updated JAVA for this course. :) You can download both for free. Go to www.java.com to see what version of JAVA you have.

Be sure to install Japanese characters on your computer as soon as possible.

How to Type in Japanese?

Check this out to learn how to install and type in Japanese on your computer! ^o^

After you have installed Japanese characters on your computer, use the "Practice Typing In ひらがな (Hiragana) link below to practice typing in ひらがな (Hiragana). You can use it to see how to type in Hiragana correctly. It gives you step by step instructions! Great tool to use to learn how to type in Japanese characters. ^.^

*Afterwards, make sure you take your typing quiz in the course!


Here are some very important information about language coaching sessions:
  • Language coaching sessions will start Feb 1st (Monday)
  • Coaching sessions are twice a week for 45 minutes each.
  • They are Live session on the internet using Blackboard Collaborate.
  • Coaching sessions are 20% of your grade.
  • Requirements for coaching: You need a computer, internet access, and headset or mic and speakers built in in order to do your coaching sessions.
    *If you have a smartphone, you can download Blackboard Collaborate app for free. Please take advantage of this.

NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center?

How to use Peer Tutoring Center for this class?

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ホールせんせい (Hall sensei)

It's great to have you all in Japanese 1! Let's have a wonderful semester learning! ^o^

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