Virtual Resume

Kimberly Mohabir

S.M.A.R.T Goals: Academic

Specific: I want to receive honors for all fours years that I am at this school.

Measurable: I can track this goal by checking and reading over my marks from mid-term reports and to see if I'm improving my mark from the past years. And if I'm not, I can consult my teachers and ask them for help and ask what I can do to improve my mark.

Action: To achieve my goal I will have to work hard in all of my classes and make sure that I'm there everyday that I can be. I will also have to make sure to divide my working time from most important to least. For example, I have a 74 in science right now compared to the 93 I'm receiving in media arts. This means I should start focusing more on my science homework rather than my media arts. I should also make sure by the time mid-terms comes out, that all of my grades are up to par and at least the majority are over 80's. Though my goal is realistic, I know that grade 11 and grade 12 are going to be years that are more stressful and it's important for me to keep sight of my goal. I know as long as I receive, at least, one honor each semester, I will be satisfied, because I can see the stress some older students have.

Realistic: I believe my goal is realistic and doable since I have already obtained honors from grade 9 and grade 10. I've gotten honors for my first term. This is how I know it's realistic, I realize if I can put my mind to it, I can receive honors for all four years at this school. It is completely doable and I know if I were to put my mind to it, it will become something that just occurs rather than something I'm forcing myself to work on. I know it's realistic as well since I only have about 2 more years here, meaning, only two more years to complete this goal.

Time: To complete this goal, I have given myself of timeline of 2 years, until the end of my years here because that it the only way for me to end up getting honors for all four years. During this time, I will make sure to focus on whatever my teachers have written on the comment section of my mid-terms. I will always focus on what ahead, like my grade 11 marks right now and I will make sure that I am able to complete this goal before I leave Louise Arbour and head onto college or university.

S.M.A.R.T Goals: Volunteering

Specific: I want to receive at least 250 hours of community service, by the time I graduate, to do this, I will still be apart of team crew for the next two years to get to this goal.

Measurable: I can track my goal by making sure to record the days that I go to team crew, as well as record how many hours it takes. I already have 120 hours from freshman and sophomore year, so if I continue to add hours onto it, I should be able to plan out and receive the 250 hours that I'm planning to receive. I can also track my hours by writing down, either in my phone or in a journal how many hours I go to team crew either for each week or each month, so I can calculate how many hours I volunteered.

Action: To achieve this goal, I will plan out the days that I want to go to team crew, since each weekly meeting, I'm told what days we have games and approximately how many hours each game is. I will also make sure to try and attend as many games as I can, as well as tournaments. This way, I can double my hours since tournaments normally take the whole day. I will also make sure I at least have two to four hours a week so by the end of each month, I can have either eight to 16 hours.

Realistic: This goal is very realistic since I already have obtained 120 hours from the last two years and if I continue to receive 60 hours every year and just get at least 10 more hours, I can get my goal of 250 hours. I believe that I can get the 250 hours if I follow the actions that I plan to take. It's doable since I need to receive 40 hours anyways, and if I get more than forty hours it would look great on a college or university application.

Time: The time-frame that I have set for myself is from now until I graduate. I've set it for this long because I know that my last two years at this school will be hectic and I won't be able to attend all of the games that have been planned. I will also make sure I have at least 8 hours every month and at least 60 hours at the end of each year.

Transition and Change


Kimberly Mohabir

Telephone | 647-461-9637

Email |

Address | 334 Sunny Meadow Blvd, Brampton, Ontario, L6R 0R1

Website |


With skills ranging from analytic to leadership, I want to obtain a full time job as a counselling psychologist in Mississauga's Credit Valley hospital.


University of Guelph

Bachelors of Science | Hamilton, Ontario

September 2018 - May 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

OSSD | Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Work Experience

Psychology Co-op

Local Hospital | Guelph, Ontario

  • 12 week placement

  • Met and consulted patients

  • Went to regular meeting, had irregular hours

October 2019 - March 2020


Sirens | Brampton, Ontario

  • Conversed with customers, daily

  • Worked with difficult customers

  • Solved small feuds over clothes, etc.

December 2016 - Present


Team Crew

  • Team Crew Leader in Grade 10

October 2014 - June 2018

The Play

October 2014 - May 2015

Volunteer Experience

Team Crew

Louise Arbour | Brampton, Ontario

  • Started in the ninth grade
  • Obtained over 200+ hours
  • Went to other tournaments to keep score and set up

October 2014 - June 2018

Skills and Abilities

  • Strong work ethic

  • Effective oral skills

  • Ability to manage and organize information

  • Leadership and management

  • Ability to problem solve
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Listening skill


Finalist at Peel Art and Essay Contest

February 2015

Team Crew Leader

October 2015

Honour Roll

June 2014 - June 2018


Certified in CPR, Level C

May 2015

Principal's Certificate for Leadership

April 2016

Hobbies and Interests

  • Reading

  • Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

  • Working knowledge of French
  • Writing


Clarissa Brown, Manager, Sirens (Bramalea City Center), 416-536-5248,

Jonelle St. Aubyn, Teacher/Librarian , Louise Arbour Secondary School, 905-793-5451,

Challenges and Solutions

Being a psychologist, of any job, whether is be occupational, counselling or anything else, can have its disadvantages. For example, some challenges a counselling psychologist might face would be things like the emotional and mental stress of dealing with clients, erratic schedules and the stress of finding new clients. Psychologist deal with these problems on a day to day basis so when either you have a way of dealing with these issues by yourself or maybe finding a new career where you do not have to have deal with these issues.

Facing emotional and mental stress is a regular things counselling psychologist deal with all the time. This often occurs when dealing with a handful of patients and hearing their issues and concerns back to back to back. Helping clients overcome their own mental and emotional issues are difficult, especially when a lot of people, even psychologists, can not manage to deal with their own emotional and mental issues (Advantages and Disadvantages of Being A Psychologist). Since dealing with people is a constant thing, there are tips and tricks that can be used to help psychologist overcome the stress of dealing with other’s problems. One way to do this is by practicing stress relieving activities and stress management. Doing little exercises like this before and after each client can give the mind some time to relax before you proceed into another case (Cherry). Another way to make sure you are not stressed out would be to make sure you separate your work and private life, effectively (Advantages and Disadvantages of A Psychologist). If you are not able to do this, you are going to need to see a psychologist yourself.

A psychologist has to accommodate their hours for clients who are not able to make it within the hours they have set. This is the cause of erratic schedules, one of the many challenges of being a psychologist. Though they have more control of what hours they work, psychologist often have to take calls from patients during their off-hours for clients who work all day and only are available during the night. Psychologist musts be able on call all day and night, incase their patient needs a talk through from a stressful situation (Cherry). This is one of the main challenges of being a psychologist, and there is not really a solution to this issue. The only way to not have an erratic schedule as a psychologist is to make sure your hours are more in the evening rather than the morning. This does not exactly solve this issue because some people may work all evening and only be available in the morning. This is mainly the case when psychologists run their own practice, but even while working in a hospital, psychologist say they don’t have as much control over their schedule, though they do have a say (Advantages and Disadvantages of Being A Psychologist). Since there is not a permanent solution, it’s one of the disadvantages that you have to get used to because it is something that is never changing.

The stress of finding clients is something that psychologist must go through, especially when they run their own private practice. When you first leave University with a degree of your choice, either masters or a bachelor, you have the choice of where you want to work. If you work in your own practice, you have to find your own clients. Doing this is hard, you have to gain the trust of random stranger who you hope will soon become of client of yours. It is not the easiest thing to do, but it is certainly not the hardest. To get new patients, you need to build connections with doctors, nurses, mental health providers people who consults other who may need a psychologist’s help and can use your name and practice as a reference for places people can go to for advice or as a client (Advantages and Disadvantages of Being A Psychologist). If your connections are not getting you any new clients, another way to obtain them is by hosting free sessions. Hosting a session can show people how good of a psychologist you are and can start building relations with them which could progress into something long term.

Though there are disadvantages to being a psychologist, the majority of them have solutions, it just depends if you are willing to make it work or not.

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