Norfolk Panther


By Skyler Krause

auto biography

Skyler Krause, a tall skinny actress who we have always loved, grew up in the little town of Norfolk, NE where she went to high school at Norfolk Public High School. She participated in drama, yearbook and track. She went to University of Nebraska to get her bachelor's in degree, and then went to Los Angeles, California for her masters.She majored in the theater arts. She worked at Perkins for her first job through high school. She is now a director, Olympic gold medalist, mother and a millionaire. She got married to her wonderful husband, which she has two kids with. She currently lives in LA with her loving family. Her career for the past 10 years has been mostly acting and some short films here and there. Her hobbies include photography and occasionally ice skating with her family. She said her plans in the future are to continue acting and just enjoy life.

nursery rhyme

Welcome back to Forest News, I'm your host Rainbow. Just in, on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd the criminal Little Bunny Foo Foo was caught kidnapping and assaulting the filed mice who wish to remain anonymous. The crime was at the Gumdrop Forest. Sparkle, the Blue Fair Police, stated that Little Bunny Foo Foo said in quote, "I was jealous of the field mice because they live in the Gumdrop Forest and I lived in the Chocolate Swamp where I always get stuck in the mud. I was trying to force them to trade places with me, and when they said no, I bopped them on the head. Then Sparkle caught me and now look at me." Little Bunny Foo Foo is sentenced to life as a Goon.
“Thanks for watching!, This is Rainbow saying, goodnight.”

Feature Story

Gummy bears are one of the best candies in the world and we have Hans Riegel Sr. to thank. Hans Riegel Sr. opened Haribo in 1920 and invented the gummy bear in 1922. This was the first gummy candy ever to exist. Hans was born in Bonn, Germany. He came up with the development of the world sugar industry during and after World War II. He came up with the name Haribo by combining his name Han Riegel Bonn. There are several different colors and flavors of the gummy bears, but the very first was the golden gummy bear. Since then, they have came up with the white pineapple, green strawberry, gold orange, and red raspberry. They start the process by drawing the design on the computer, then a machine carves a mold, which they use to make the mold for the gummy bears. After the gummy bear’s firm, they are sent to a drying machine where they get a coating of beeswax to prevent them from sticking together. Gummy bears will forever be a piece of German history. Thank you Hans for the wonderful gift of gummi bears.

Jack The Giant Slayer Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Bryan Singer Movie HD

Movie Review

Jack The Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer was an outstanding twist on the folk tale “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The movie was about this farm boy named Jack, who went on a quest to save the princess from the land of the giants, which was just above his home. Overall the movie was amazing and the giants looked very realistic. The way they made things look like it actually happened was great. In the movie, there was a crown, and whoever wore the crown was king of the giants. Even the giant could wear the crown, but as a ring. What they did with the crown at the end was very mind boggling! You just have to watch.

App Review

Magic Piano

The magic piano is an app where people can play a song that is programmed. They have songs from Bruno Mars to Mozart, they have hundreds of songs to choose from. Anyone can play from four to eighty-four, it's so easy to play.The games works by first choosing a song in the song book where they list the songs and your scores for each one. Once you get to the song circles, come wch you have to press as you play on the key as they appear on the screen.They have colors for each amount of keys to press at a time. The white ones mean one key, the green ones mean two keys, blue means three keys, and the pink means four.

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