Supporting GMO

Why its good

Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically modified organisms is food that has been changed for purposes that will help make it easier to farm and sell, and also make it last longer. Some effects of GMF is longer harvest to spoil time, quicker growing time, less nutrients required, etc.

How can GMO help society?

GMO has a longer period of time that it can be eaten without health problems. This will help with distributing food because you have longer shelf life, which would help many people with food. Also, it helps save money because they do not have to replace food in homes/grocery stores because the food they buy will last longer. Also, the companies to not need to ship out/make as much because of the same reason


GMO will help farmers the most out of anyone because they are the ones growing and making to food. With the Help of GMO, they can harvest and grow food in ways that no one could before. For example, they can grow food in winter and in summer, they can use less water, they can be more resistant to weather and insects.