Tech Tip

Just Google It -- March 2016

Google Account

Google Accounts are free, just go to gmail, and click 'Create Account'. I have set up a class email account, but if you use Google Classroom, each student will all have their own account.

Just Google It

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Google Docs

Google Docs is basically Word, but online. You can access it anywhere in real time. If you click ADD ONs (on the top near file, format, etc.) you can access pre-built templates for free. (These include rubrics, reports, etc.)

Google Slides

Google Slides is essentially PowerPoint. It saves automatically, though. YAY! There are pre-built themes, that the students can edit quickly. Here are some quick view of 2nd grades' animal reports.

Google Draw

This is an app for Google Chrome. You can create graphic organizers, and other things on this app.

Google Keep, Google Spreads, and Google Drive

Google Keep -- Sticky Notes

Google Spreads -- Excel

Google Drive -- Online Flashdrive