By Alec

Background Information

Brazil was controlled by another country, Porrtugal. It gained its independence in 1822 without fighting a war. The official language is Portugese

Geographical Information

Brazil is located in eastern South America. Some physical features include the Amazon River, the Atlantic Ocean, and Lago Urariá.

Political and Diplomacy Information

Brazil's government is a federative republic, and the president is Silma Rousseff. Brazil is on good terms with other countries, mostly due to the effective foreign relations policies, such as the constitution stating that Brazil must seek the overall integration of all South American countries before the advantage of itself as an individual entity.

Economic and Trade Information

Currency- real

Economic system- capitalism

Imports- refined petroleum, crude petroleum, cars, vehicle parts, petroleum gas

Import locations- China, USA, Argentina, Germany, South Korea

Exports- iron ore, crude petroleum, soybeans, raw sugar, poultry meat

Export locations- China, USA, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany

Why Should People Visit?

There are beautiful beaches, mountains, sights, rainforests, and museums.