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Country Basics

The name of the country is Netherlands.

The capital of the country is Amsterdam.

The flag from this country has 1 red , 1 white and 1 blue stripe. The colors are based on the heraldic colors of Prince Williams of Orange who led the fight for Dutch independence. The red stripe was originally zorange but later changed to red because the orange dye faded to red in the sun.

They have a population of 16.8 million people.


The Netherlands is located in Europe. The surrounding countries are Germany and Belgium.

The country is mostly low flat land. Almost 1/2 the country lies below sea level.

It has many series of canals, dams and dikes. Without the dikes almost 60% of the country would flood daily. It is also known for its use of windmills.

The North Sea borders the country.


It has a constitutional monarchy. The current prime minister is Mark Rutte.

King Willem-Alexander is the current king.


The country uses the Euro for its currency and they are considered a rich country.

The main export is petroleum products and computers.

The main imports are machines and medical equipment.

They have a lot of tourism and are known for their tulip flowers and bulbs.


The major language spoken in this country is Dutch.

The main religion is Roman Catholic.

A popular food item is apple tart that is similar to apple pie.


The general weather conditions are cool summers and mild winters with lots of rain.

The average yearly temperature is 54 degrees F.

Compare and Contrast:

In the Netherlands they speak Dutch but the U.S. speaks English.

In the Netherlands they like to eat apple tart but in the U.S. they like to eat apples.

In the Netherlands their religion is Roman Catholic but in the U.S. it is Christian.

In the Netherlands they mostly get around on bikes but in the U.S. we mostly drive cars.

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