AVID and What this program is For

Joshua emmanuel 7th period 6 1/13/14


AVID stands for Advancement Via Induvidual Determination. being in AVID can benefit you in many ways. they teach you the right way to study, how to be more organized, how to do a good speech, and many other good qualities. One of the main reasons that we have the AVID program is to get middle school school students ready for highschool and hopefully college. Avid is a great program for students in middle school and high school. there are multiple things we do as avid students that reagular students dont. AVID is for your future and your present at times. in AVID we set goal for our selfs and achieve them later on in the futre.

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In AVID eary tuesday and thursday we have TRF(tutorials request forms). on these days we are have tutorials in class about something we do not understand in any of class. we have this certain paper we use to right our tutorial. we have to list our point of confusion, which is what your confused about. then we have to write down what subject your doing your trf on. the n you erite down your question. you have to have a resource and cornell notes on the problem for your trf. you write down vocabulary words on the subject you are on while your in trf. list two things you understand about the problem and then you try to slove it own your own. after that you write down the steps you use to solve your problem.

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Binder check

Every once in a while we have binder checks to keep our bider organized. having an organized binder is important in AVID because if your binder is organized it will be easier to know were your things are and not losing your stuff. in binder checks they check if we have our graded papers in the right place ,our home work in the right place, if the right things are in your pencil bag, and many other things. Thay check our plannners to see if were writing down if we have homeword or not, and if were writing down our assignments. Binder checks keep us AVID students organized.

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quick write

IN AVID we mostly do quick writes every once in a while to see hoe our brain thinks and what on our mind. in quick writes the teacher give you a topic. then she gives you a minute to write about everything you think about that topic

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we have to set short-term gaols , mid-term goals,and long-term gaols. we always think of our goals with the end in mind. meaning look more toward the end of your goals . we try to reach all of our goals one at a time.

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public speaking

In AVID they teach the write way to speak in front of an audience. you keep goood eye contact, good posture, nice movement, clear and loud voice, good memorization, snd a lot of passion. these things will help you in the future when you have a big speech coming up

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